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12/24/04 to
  • The bubble anemone decided to move a bit, and ended up stinging and killing an Acropora and Seriatopora frag. I had to rearrange some rocks to give the anemone more space.
  • The Mag Drive pump on the calcium reactor stalled, and it turns out that the sockets that the impeller sits in are worn. I had to wrap the impeller's rubber tips with teflon tape to keep the impeller from wobbling and sticking to the motor housing. It's working for now, but I'll probably have to get a new pump eventually.
  • The sally lightfoot seems to have grown big enough to kill her tankmates. I think I lost the male banded coral shrimp, and I just caught the crab killing one of my wathman gobies. It sucks that two mated pairs have been reduced to singles in one weekend!
1/3/05 to
  • I finally managed to catch the sally lightfoot after two days. It never fell for any of the traps I set, but I managed to pin it against the glass one morning and scoop it out by hand. It now lives in the refugium.
  • The dendronepthya started going downhill when I slightly changed the position of the Gemini pump. It's probably just a coincidence; I guess it was just a matter of time before it started fading away.
  • The bubble tip anemone started getting too big and stinging the surrounding corals. I finally had to remove it after several acropora colonies were killed, and donated the anemone to Cal State Northridge's wet lab. I replaced it with two smaller bubble tips.
  • I finally had the water tested, and everything was fine except for phosphates. Added a bag of Phosban to the sump.
  • Changed the Iwasaki to a 10 KK XM on 2/14/05.

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