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Aquarium Adventures
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Aquarium Center
Sherman Oaks, CA

I've been going to this store for a long time, and they usually have interesting stuff that keeps me coming back.  I used to bring in veiled chameleons for credit, now I bring Xenia.
Aquarium City
Canoga Park, CA

Good selection of corals, good prices especially on sps frags. Great display tank!
Issaquah Fish Hatchery
Issaquah, WA
No reef stuff here, but it's interesting to see how fish are farmed. The salmon (Coho, in this case) return to the hatchery in the fall, and their eggs are kept in long, shallow tanks until they hatch. The fry are kept in outdoor pools until large enough to release. There was an albino when I visited in October, 1999.
Joe Kelley
North Hollywood, CA
joe's reef tankjoe's reef tankjoe's reef tankjoe's reef tank
joe's reef tankjoe's reef tankjoe's reef tank
These are photos of Joe's reef tank in March, 2000.  His tank is very high tech (and much bigger than mine!) and his corals grow quite fast. Several of my corals came from Joe. He hasgreat frags FOR SALE too!
seagrass tankseagrass tankseagrass tank
Joe has also started a seagrass tank, where he grows various plants almost like it's a freshwater planted tank. There are lots of little critters in there, and I even saw plankton swarming in one corner.


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