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Aquarium Adventures 2
Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific
Visited on 7/22/00
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Tropical Pacific
reef tankreef tankreef tankreef tank
reef tankreef tankreef tankreef tank
reef tankreef tankanemonesgarden eels
cuttlefishfeeding timeseadragonseadragon
jellyfishmoon jelliessea nettleumbrella jellies
jelly tank
To the left is one of the small tanks used to raise jellyfish in. Water is sent in from a pipe above  through a perforated pipe that sends water along the surface to the right of the tank. The bottom right corner has been filled in to make it rounded to prevent the young jellyfish from getting trapped in the corners. The upper rim of the left side of the tank is drilled to allow water to overflow out. The overflow is protected by fine netting. The whole contraption sits over a sump to catch the overflow. 
spider craburchin and anemones


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