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The sump is a 10-gallon glass aquarium that holds equipment that would otherwise take up space in the main tank. It also adds extra water volume to the system. Like all sumps it is kept below the level of the main tank to allow water to drain into it by gravity. The water is pumped back into the main tank by a Mag Drive 700.

A Visitherm heater in the sump is set to keep the water at around 78F or 25.6C, but the water has been known to reach around 82F or 27.8C during the summer.

A Turboflotor protein skimmer sits in the sump, and is fed by a MaxiJet 1000 pump. The MaxiJet sits behind an acrylic divider that keeps the bubbles produced by the tank drain line from flying around the rest of the sump. The Turboflotor itself is powered by a Rio pump, which uses a needle wheel to create lots of tiny bubbles for foam production.


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