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The main tank is a 29-gallon all glass aquarium, with an Amiracle siphon overflow. This tank was started in 1996. However, most of the live rock and some of the corals were from a previous aquarium that were salvaged from a 60-gallon tank destroyed during the 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake. The survivors (the oldest being a colony of zoanthid polyps which I've had since the late 80's) were established in another 60-gallon tank, but the tank never really looked good again until everything was eventually moved to this 29-gallon.

August, 1999

January, 2000
Two MaxiJet pumps on a Sandpoint wavemaker provide most of the water movement in the tank. The water return from the sump is piped below the live rock structure, shooting out through a small cave towards the front of the tank. When the wavemaker is on "feed" mode, the MaxiJets stay on while the main pump is turned off.
Temperature control and protein skimming is done in the sump, which is a 10 gallon tank sitting below the level of the main tank. Water drains from the main tank to the sump through a hang-on Amiracle skimmer box.

December, 2000

April, 2001
Regular maintainance consists of topping up the tank with RO filtered water mixed with pickling lime and white vinegar (about a teaspoon vinegar per gallon of fresh water, with a tablespoon of lime added around once a week). The cover glass is washed clean once a week. A 5 gallon water change is done every few weeks (if I feel like it) and the lights are changed about twice a year.
The Reef Tank Diary is a log of what goes on starting July, 1999.  It can be read at

April, 2002
In February, 2004 the reef was overgrown to the point where there was barely enough room to scrape the front glass clean. The 29-gallon reef was moved into a new 50-gallon tank.


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