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The main tank was lit by three 40-watt fluorescent tubes that are powered by a IceCap ballast. The IceCap noticeably increases the light output, running the 40-watt lamps almost as if they were VHO. The fluorescents are 48 inches long and are therefore longer than the 29-gallon main tank, but this allows the refugium to share the same lighting fixture.

Some extra light for the main tank is provided by a 96-watt 10,000 K power compact tube. Both this power compact and the fluorescents are on a timer, running from around 8:00 pm until 6:00 am. Lighting the tank at night allows me to enjoy it when I get home from work, and also minimizes the amount of heat added to the tank. Our local power company also charges less for power usage after 8:00 pm!

In April 2002, one of the endcaps burned out so I replaced the fluorescents with 4 tubes on a Coralife electronic ballast.

The seahorse/algae tank is lit by a 13-watt power compact.

pre-November, 2001
Using 1 cool white and 2 URI actinics, plus 1 96-watt 10,000K PC.
Replaced 1 cool white and 1 actinic with a 40-watt 50/50 Coralife and a 40-watt 10,000K Coralife tube.
Replaced the Ice Cap system with a 4-tube Coralife system because one of the endcaps on the IceCap system burned out. Lights now consist of one 10,000K, one 50-50, and two actinic tubes along with the PC.
One actinic tube's end was turning black, so it was replaced by a 10,000K. At some point before that, I replaced one actinic with a 50-50 but forgot to record when that was done.
One of the endcaps burned out due to a loose connection, and the bulb was too damaged to use. It has been replaced with a Coralife 50/50.
#4 Coralife 50/50 replaced with Coralife actinic.
#3 Coralife 10,000K SuperDaylight replaced with Coralife 50/50.


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